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Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Professional Car Inspection –  Check before you buy

Pre-purchase car inspections can be one of the best investments you can make before you buy a used car. Investing in a second-hand car can be daunting; used cars can have issues.  Anything from wear and tear to more serious problems, but how are you going to know if you should buy the car or not? A pre-purchase car inspection is the answer.

Have you ever felt rushed around by a seller and wondered if he is trying to distract you or divert your attention away from issues which are being hidden.

Our main objective of the pre-sales inspection is for you to walk away with as much information about the vehicle as possible to help you make an informed decision on your possible purchase. We will express clearly any points of concern and guide you with any information you can use as leverage in your negotiations.

This is a professional car inspection carried out by qualified mechanics to ensure the car you are about to buy is in good mechanical condition as well as being roadworthy and safe for you to drive.

Our pre-purchase car inspection looks at the underbody, structure, suspension, gearbox, and lots more, there is a full breakdown of what is included below.

We also include a diagnostics check and test drive in our car inspection to give you peace of mind and let you make an informed decision about your intended purchase. You will receive a full report of our findings once the car inspection is completed.

Our pre-purchase car inspection includes all the following:

  • Check all the vehicle lights and condition of lens
  • Check coolant strength
  • Check brake fluid water content and condition
  • Check wiper blades condition and operation
  • Check washers
  • Check horn operation
  • Check condition of safety belts and operation
  • Diagnostic scanner check - Airbag, ABS, & engine management for any faults
  • Check exhaust emission
  • Check catalyser condition - petrol models only
  • Check engine mount condition
  • Check timing belt condition
  • Check oil level and oil condition
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check tyre condition, specification and set tyre pressures
  • Visual inspection of all brake pipes and hoses
  • Check suspension and steering for wear
  • Visual check of all shock absorbers
  • Visual inspection of front brake pads and discs
  • Visual inspection of rear disc and pads if fitted
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check CV joints and gaiters
  • Check handbrake operation
  • Check exhaust for leaks and condition
  • Check spare wheel and jack
  • General inspection of body work for rust
  • Check all glass for chips and cracks
  • Check that all door and window operated correctly
  • Check if vehicle is up to date with service
  • Carry out road test to check for clutch / gearbox and engine performance
  • Check heater and air-con operation

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