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If your car’s air conditioning stops working, what are your options?

When your car’s air conditioning stops working, it is usually just an air-con re-gas solution to get it up and running again, but let’s look at what you need to know and how to fix the air conditioning in your car if it stops working, just when you need it!

Most of us expect our air con to work without any servicing but when warm air comes out of the vents on a hot day it’s time to call Cork Auto Services!

You’ll probably find that over time your air-con system doesn’t work as well as it did when new.

That’s because it needs regular maintenance, which many of us fail to do.
Fortunately, it’s not an expensive or difficult job to keep your air-con working, let’s find out the process involved, whether you can do it yourself, and everything else you need to know about air-con re-gassing.

What’s does the air conditioning system do in your car?

  1. On a hot day, it will blow cold air into the car
  2. It will remove moisture.
  3. It is a fast way to de-mist the windscreen in the car on damp and wet mornings

Why is Your Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Well, there are a few reasons why your air conditioning is not blowing cold or not dehumidifying the windscreen.

  • There is a leak in the air conditioning system and it has lost all its gas.
  • The system has lost some of its gas over a period of few years so it needs to be filled to the required level.
  • There could be an electrical or mechanical issue with the system.

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How can Cork Auto Services help with your Car's AC Regas / Recharge?

Our first step is to run a quick diagnostic check to see what the issue is.

We will then give you a price for the AC repair or if a repair job is not required, we will outline what steps are needed to proceed and get your ac system working quickly.

This could be as simple as an AC re-gas / recharge.

How is Aircon Re-gas done?

  • We connect your car to a specialist machine where first we remove any gas left in the system.
  • The equipment then carries out a vacuum test to see if there are any major leaks.
  • If it passes this test then the system is refilled with the correct gas and we also add a dye into the system to check for microscopic leaks.

Can you re-gas your car’s aircon at home?

While you can buy a cylinder of gas and a connector to fill your car aircon system at home, there are downsides to attempting this yourself.

  • When you fill the system the gas may just come back out again either right away or over a week or so
  • You may also need to add oil into the system if there is a fault due to lubrication in the mechanical components
  • If you don’t put dye into the system and have a microscope leak you will still have to go to a specialist to have this added
  • The gas added can cause damage to your skin and eyes

How much does it cost to regas your car's AC

The cost below will cover 90% of cars and vans on the road. But always check with us by supplying your car detail.

There are a few types of air-conditioning gases; the main two being R134A and R1234YF the latter one being the most up to date gas.

All vehicles we re-gas will have a specialist dye added automatically for checking microscope leaks.

  • Car/vans with R134A – €135 Vat included
  • Car / Van with R1234YF – €200 Vat included

We can also fit a pollen filter and carry out decontamination to the system at the same time for an additional cost.

Air Conditioning Re-gas for Electric Cars & Hybrid Vehicles

The AC in Electric Cars can be slightly different to the AC in vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The AC pump is electric and is powered by the battery rather than by an engine. It forms part of the high voltage system in an electric vehicle, so any repairs need to be carried out by a trained technician.

Our air conditioning machines here at Cork Auto Services cater for Electric Cars and Hybrid Vehicles. The fluids needed for these types of cars and vans are different due to the use of specific three-phase electric air conditioning motors.

*** There are a few types of air-conditioning gases; the main two being R134A and R1234YF the latter one being the most up to date gas. ***

Call us for full details or to book your car in for our AC re-gas service.

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