You get everything that is in the Lube Service…

Plus All the following for just €160!

  1. Replace spark plugs (if fitted with long life plugs then may not need replacement, if needed may be addition cost)
  2. Replace air filter
  3. Check pollen filter
  4. Fuel filter replacement if recommended by manufacturer (additional cost for fuel filter if required)
  5. Remove all wheels inspect wheel nut condition
  6. Remove brake drums , check adjust and clean brake shoes
  7. Check all brake pads, callipers and brake hoses
  8. Check all wheel bearings and seals
  9. check cv joints and boots
  10. Check steering gaiters and power steering for internal leaks
  11. Check all wear in front and rear suspension bushes and ball joints
  12. Check timing belt condition
  13. Check alternator belt, charge rate and starter motor
  14. Check axle and gearbox oil, change where recommended
  15. Check exhaust condition, check for leaks
  16. Check interior equipment, heater locks, windows and central locking
  17. Check brake fluid condition
  18. Check and adjust valve clearances
  19. Connect diagnostic scanner and check for all faults logged in computer, reset if required
  20. Reset service reminder
  21. Road test

Lube Service Includes:

  1. Oil and filter change
  2. Check tyre condition and reset pressures
  3. Lubricate all door hinges and locks
  4. Check all exterior lamps
  5. Check wiper blades
  6. Check and adjust fan belt
  7. Check timing belt intervals
  8. Check antifreeze/coolant strength top up if needed
  9. Check brake fluid, power steering fluids
  10. Check battery condition
  11. Check for oil and coolant leaks
  12. Visual inspection of brake pads
  13. Adjusted handbrake cable
  14. Check horn operation
  15. Visual inspection of steering and suspension
  16. Top up washer fluid and check washer alignment
  17. Reset service light or indicator
  18. Road test

* Terms and conditions apply to servicing, please quote make and model. Offer covers about 90% of car and vans.

Additional Services:

  • Brake fluid change from € 40
  • Anti freeze change and flush € 35*
  • Battery replacement from  €65
  • Headlight alignment €20
  • Wheel alignment/ tracking €30
  • Brake pads replacement from €65
  • Timing belt replacement from €200

* Anti Freeze Change & Flush – Up to 3 litres of anti freeze addition litres charged at €5