When it comes to parking assistance we have a variety of kits available for you to choose from depending on your requirements.

(a) Front and Rear Parking Sensor System

The kit comes complete with a total of 8 Sensors (4 for the rear and 4 for front), making the job of parking any vehicle that much easier. This system comes complete with an LED display and a buzzer unit to alert the driver of the vehicles distance.


This system is extremely versatile and provides greater flexibility as to where the unit can be installed. This not only means installation is easy but provides for an OEM and professional installation that is discrete. * (If you are looking for a kit with Reverse Sensors only,  we also supply and fit a standard 4 sensor kit)

(b) Reverse Camera with 4.3 inch Monitor

This package provides a reliable and stylish rear parking system setup and comes complete with a 4.3″ TFT monitor and a 25 mm water proof camera that mounts onto the bumper.

The TFT screen can double as a standard monitor to function as the centre piece of a car’s entertainment; the monitor has dual video input sockets, allowing a game console or DVD player to be connected to the monitor.


The intelligent video switcher allows the video input source to be switched to the camera feed when the reverse gear is engaged. The monitor is not only very well equipped but it fits flush on many standard dashboards to give a stylish yet OEM look.

The camera is a 25 mm water-proof camera based on the OV7910 CMOS sensor to provide crisp, clear image quality, the camera has automatic IR night vision and mirror/normal image switch modes to provide an excellent image whatever the lighting conditions.

If you have any questions or would like personal assistance to choose a Parking Assistance Kit to meet your needs, give us a call on: 087 – 2400479 or request a callback by using the form HERE